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Pueblo Pediatric Therapy Center

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About Us
PPTC specializes in the treatment of infants and children with the following issues:
Prematurity, prenatal drug exposure, autism, sensory processing/integration disorders, learning disorders, neurological deficits, motor/coordination issues, developmental differences, selfcare/functional delays, and feeding issues.
Therapy is based on established theories of development and intervention strategies. Treatment can be provided in the child's home or in the clinic setting depending upon their age and needs. Group therapy as well as individual therapy is also provided. Co-treatment for both OT/Speech therapies may be coordinated.

Company history
Newly remodeled facility.
Welcome environment.
Off-Street parking.
Handicap accessibility.
Flexible scheduling.
Most insurance plans, Medicaid welcome.
Occupational/Speech Therapy Coordination.
Resource referrals.
Therapeutic Listening.
Customer testimonials
Kathy Schleifer worked with my son, Eli, and me, on Eli’s profound sensory and motor processing complications...more
When you choose Kathy Schleifer as the OT to work with your child, you can be assured of three things...more